For Creative Wedding Professionals

We are a local organization comprised of Creative Wedding Professionals within the Washington, DC metropolitan area (Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC) who are looking to set high standards of professional conduct, and wish to improve their business network, brand, and business performance. When Couples see the AWP logo on your branding material, they will know that they are dealing with a professional company with a commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

All AWP Members subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics set forth by the Association assuring the highest level of integrity within the wedding industry.

When Couples contract the goods and/or services of an AWP Member, they can be assured that they are receiving the best quality and highest standards of service available.

We encourage our Members to network with other businesses in the industry, broaden their industry knowledge, and raise the quality of their customer service. Coupled with our monthly meeting programs in areas of marketing, promotion, and a host of other areas, Members are able to realize a very real boost to their success.

Our Code of Ethics provides that each member…

  • Maintains the highest standards of personal conduct.
  • Promotes and encourages a high level of ethics and principles.
  • Accurately represents his or her qualifications and experience.
  • Commits to contribute and share industry information with fellow members.
  • Agrees not to engage in unfair, unethical, or misleading practices.
  • Uses written contracts which clearly state all terms and conditions.
  • Meets all licensing and insurance requirements.
  • Strives for excellence in all aspects of the wedding industry.