Member Spotlight

Sharia Barksdale – Eclectic Fête

Eclectic Fête was birthed to execute avant-garde events and weddings for daring people searching for a unique experience. Sharia Barksdale, CEO & resident Rock Star of Eclectic Fête!! She is a fun-loving, spontaneous dance party-having, event GEEK with a penchant for using way too many exclamation marks!!  Sharia’s goal is to create an unforgettable experience! Eclectic Fête offers full-service logistics and décor design services. Although they ROCK at full-service packages, they are more than happy to craft a killer collection of services just for your specific desires!

Eclectic Fête also provide a host of other resources that save clients time and hair during the planning process and allow them to revel in the opportunity to discuss those options as well.

Eclectic Fête| Sharia Barksdale | Call/Text: (202) 505-6026 | HELLO@ECLECTICFETE.COM

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